Hey You, the World needs You

Resolutions, in these days turn out to be the things that come under not to do list in our diary. Meaning, many firm determinations people take on the start of the new year, last for less than a week or two. When time passes beyond that, people are firm in not following their new tasks due to the laziness or difficulty in pursuing them.

Oh wait a second!! Why do we speak about all these?

  1. To make you understand the reality.
  2. To correct it next time.

The answer is ‘may be’. Because, no one is going to be affected when you don’t follow your resolutions, except you.

The purpose is, I need every one of you to make one resolution every year that is to be executed once a year. If you fail to implement this, not only you, but the whole world may be in danger.

Yeah that’s right….

Ever thought on a global scale, what would happen if everyone in the world planted a tree every year that may be either on the Earth Day or their own birthday or even during any special occasions.

There is a famous Greek saying that
A society as a whole grows great when the selfless old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in

So, imagine the incredible benefits that we obtain when the whole society becomes selfless and plants a tree every year.

So, how do I cast the character ‘TREE‘ as a life saver to the world??

I believe, almost everyone is aware of the global crisis – “CLIMATE CHANGE” pnenomenon that happens because of too much of CO2 in the atmosphere that forms a blanket around he Earth, thus retaining the heat, causing extreme weather changes.

If not taken care of, the increase in temperature would lead to enormous wildfires, drought and storms. Deadly heat waves could even hit India.

Planting trees would help to reduce warming by 3.6 deg F. To achieve this, 7.6 billion trees need to be developed.

Let’s have a look at the following benefits of planting a tree.

  • Trees take in CO2 (An average tree takes in 4.5 kg of CO2 every year) in the presence of sunlight in order to perform the process of photosynthesis, thereby reducing the amount of carbon in atmosphere and producing food for all. This significant role helps in maintaining the balance in eco-system.
  • An orchard of trees helps in maintaining fertile soil around them, which in turn can store more carbon hence keeping CO2 out of atmosphere.
  • Helps in curbing air pollution.

Read more at https://www.treepeople.org/tree-benefits

So let’s get started

Tree planting initiative at our campus

Planting trees not only provides global benefits but also provides additional benefits to the one who plants it. As time passes, both the individual and the tree grows, eventually the latter creating memories of the former during each and every phase of growth it attains.

I believe you don’t have the need to use the proverb “Think before you act”, rather swift action is required from every one of us.


Dive deep back into your nostalgy to discover this

It was neither the barking dogs nor the honking horns but the pacifying chirps of love birds that made the difference. They used to live happily with their family above the part of air conditioning unit placed over a slab in my verandah. The chirps made on that day was pretty special than it used to be on the other days. I was able to sense the difference, and had a look at its nest, which is when I realized that, it was a cherishing moment for all of them and the special chirps made by them were dedicated to welcoming the new born into their family. That is when, many of the cherishable moments that I had experienced in my childhood flashed through my mind.

Apart from fun filled experiences, the one that garnered my attention a lot is the tv episodes.

Might it be the Powerful Rangers or the Blazing Teens or the Playful Pokemons or the Tackling Tom and Jerry or the Tantalizing Tarzan or the Popeye and many more, there was no compromise between them. The day became complete, when I had watched all these entertaining episodes once I come back from school.

The actions made by every character in these episodes were commendable by the kids and sometimes even by the adults.

One thing that struck me was, what it would be like when there is a diminutive relation between cartoons being pragmatic. So, I started googling whether if there is anyone who is actually a Power Ranger or a Tarzan or a Blazing teen or a Popeye. Well it seems crazy right. It was, for me too at the beginning. It was like, when someone happens to have a look at my search history after my browsing, their reaction would be ‘OMG’. The results were pretty amazing and sometimes irrelevant. But when I started look more into it, I found a guy who is pursuing a career of artistic YoYo.

But before that, what is an YoYo?

Source : Google Images

A YoYo is a toy consisting of an axle connected to two disks, and a string looped around the axle. YoYo is the integral theme of the series “Blazing Teens” that was earlier telecasted in Pogo Channel. I have added the trailer of blazing teens below, in order to rejoice our childhood memories once again.

Japanese yo-yo world champion BLACK tells the inspiring story of finding his life’s passion, and gives an awesome performance that will make you want to pull your yo-yo back out of the closet.

I would say that Black transformed the matter of fact that TV shows are not only meant for entertaining, but also to provide spark to generate creative ideas to pursue our career.

“Get to the top of it, so you can see the world not because the world can see you” – You Know What

It was around 7.00 pm last weekend when a friend of mine and myself was having a chat that went for almost an hour. It all started from exchanging our childhood memories and ended with him, sharing his fruitful experiences of his visit to Dubai, the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. One thing that garnered my attention and made me awestruck, was his marvelous description of the world’s tallest skyscraper -“The BURJ KHALIFA“.

This intrigued me to look more into it and learn some interesting things about the skyscraper and share it through our idle2value.

So I started browsing to include some quotes regarding travel during which when I found three quotes which may or may not be relevant to this article, but still worth sharing it.


I would wonder if one can find a physical evidence other than “THE SKYSCRAPERS”, to prove the rate of pace we are progressing ahead to reach greater heights in technology. They happened to be the ones difficult to find those days, but rising everywhere in today’s world especially in developed countries.

Many challenges had been involved in constructing “THE BURJ KHALIFA”. Before going into that, let’s have an overview of why we should know about the “The Burj Khalifa”.

Comparison between tallest skyscrapers in the world

It is a stunning work of art with incomparable feat of engineering with no peers involved in implementing the concept and design. At over 828 meters and 160 storeys, Burj Khalifa holds the following records,

  1. Tallest building in the world.
  2. Tallest free-standing structure in the world.
  3. Highest number of stories in the world.
  4. Highest occupied floor in the world.
  5. Highest outdoor observation deck in the world.
  6. Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world.
  7. Tallest service elevator in the world.

How “THE BURJ KHALIFA” came into existence despite enormous challenges.

(Note that some challenges had been already overcome by other skyscrapers)


The problem of reaching upper storeys through stairs was a tiresome job as we all know. Then, there came the concept of automatic elevator that holds the lift still, even when the rope is cut off. The building consists of 53 elevators with 46 passenger carrying capacity at a time and it can travel up to 120 floors in 50 seconds.


As the skyscraper tries to reach the sky, its narrow structure needs to be given strong basement. Hence stones that had been used already has to be replaced by steel beam skeleton structure. This idea eliminates the bulk load of stone and allows for more valuable ground space as the thickness of steel beam reinforced concrete is small compared to stone basements. The outer structure is cladded with the help of steel and glass.


The radiation of heat from the glass makes it uncomfortable for the people inside. Hence, the glass is given a metal coating so as to deflect ultra violet radiations from the Sun. The inner silver lining of glass can block the infra-red rays that are radiated back from the hot desert sands. Around 30,000 glass panels were used to cover the outer structure of the building that stretches over an area enough to cover 17 football fields.


The extreme conditions of temperature ranging up to 40 degrees Celsius and 90% humidity forces us to bring in the system of air-conditioning. The hot moist air entering the building is allowed to pass through a machine that consists of cold droplets of water in the form of mist. Hence, the heat is passed on to it, and the air is cooled down to ensure a conditioned atmosphere.


The significant task of reducing the time consumption for building floors of skyscrapers gained huge importance. This challenge led to the development of “kangaroo cranes”. They have the capability to build 2 floors every week. It has a 50 ton capacity. It builds floors based on the concept of jump forming. It is used to assemble fabricated sections of steel cages prepared by workers and then the bottom of the crane slides up through the cured concrete and holds tight to repeat the same.


The high-speed winds that are extremely dangerous causes vortices at the edge of towers. This issue is solved by creating sections of towers that deflect winds in different directions without allowing it to create vortices.


THE BURJ KHALIFA can withstand earthquake up to 6 Richter scale. This is done by introducing a polymer in the 50 m bore hole in the basement. It secures the edges of the pit from closing the hole, thereby allowing the concrete to cure with the slurry. If it is not used, the weak rocks immersed in saturated ground water may collapse during earthquake.


This is one of the main priority to be implemented as we had faced a devastating setback during the twin tower attack due to which many people lost lives. This loophole is overcome by the architects of Burj Khalifa by building 9 refugee rooms that is considered to be the safest place on the earth during any natural disaster. It is a sealed fireproof room with a special supply of air pumped through fire resistant pumps. The main challenge faced today is not the scarcity of refugee rooms but the problem lies in clean access to the refugee rooms in case of any abnormalities. This problem is taken care in this building by incorporating smoke detector sensor, that when activated, actuates a network of high-powered fans, so that clean access is maintained.


Concrete weighing more than 1,10,000 tonnes were used to construct the steel foundation which features 192 piles buried more than 50 m deep. Burj khalifa construction had used 330000 m3 of concrete and 39,000 tonnes of steel bar and construction took 22 million man hours.

Exterior cladding of Burj Khalifa began in May 2007 and was completed in September 2009. The vast project involved more than 380 skilled engineers and on site technicians At the initial stage of installation, the team progressed at the rate of about 20 to 30 panels per day and eventually achieved as many as 175 panels per day. The tower accomplished a world record for the highest installation of aluminium and glass facade at a height of 512 meters.

The total weight of aluminium used on Burj Khalifa is equivalent to that of five A380 aircraft and the total length of stainless steel bull nose fins is 293 times the height of Eiffel Tower in Paris. In November 2007, the highest reinforced concrete corewalls were pumped using 80 Mpa concrete from ground level, a vertical height of 601 meters thereby smashing the previous pumping record on a building of 470m on the Taipei 101. The concrete pressure during pumping to this level was nearly 200 bars.

And finally, here it is


To learn more about the stories of individual storeys,click here

When Unbelievable becomes Realistic – We do build cities for cars rather for humans

Yeah that’s right, I am speaking about the illusionist companion of all times during our travel at peak hours – THE RED LIGHT


I believe, the people living in metro cities can feel the essence of this article. It had been years since we rejoiced the pleasant morning. Technology had always kept us from experiencing the morning blessings from the “Suryabhagavan” and from inhaling the fresh air from our gigantic trees and saplings.

The exponential population growth in developing countries like India is the major challenging factor for balancing between allocation of resources and ensuring access to each and every person. The current scenario we face, is not regarding the scarcity of resources, rather the problem lies within the fair allocation of resources itself.

Lets get into the topic of “LIFE AT METRO IN MORNING“.

To begin with, let me share some interesting memes, that people used to share, when they experience the heat of traffic.

What it is like, if we get ourselves out of home (whatever may be the purpose) during the peak hours in metro cities.


There happens an epidemic shift in our thought process when we undergo frustrations during the miniature period of travel we do from our house to the employing organisation. The thing is, we are not able to get away with that. And you know what, there is a term called “driving stress” which has a detrimental effect even in the absence of traffic. With traffic, the scenario gets even worse.

This ultimately reflects in your work area, thereby pulling down your performance rating. To be frank, the traffic congestion not only affects an individual but  the country’s economy as a whole.

Screenshot (1)

When we look into the causes for this global issue, the brainstorming session may guide you with answers like

1) Too many cars for the roadway due to inadequate mass transit system.

2) Due to road blockage.

3) Short green time in signals.

4) Improper sync of signals with actual condition due to programmed controlling system.

5) Overdeveloped areas tempt people to use their own transport system rather than the public transport system.

6) Too many intersections in a road.

So, now let’s have a look at a solution proposed by CHINA to tackle traffic congestion.



The straddle bus that is expected to carry 1400 people at a time was adopted on a trial basis. However, further steps were not taken since the project was declared to be unsafe for cars moving under the bus. But, may be in the future, some updations in the project may make it work.

So what next, the one and only solution to fix all these problems as of now, is autonomous cars, that are in the development stage to get into full production.This is based on two technology integrated into the autonomous vehicles.

1) VEHICLE TO VEHICLE (V2V) TECHNOLOGY – It is the technology through which vehicle can communicate with each other present around a certain perimeter. Sensors are deployed to receive and send information to other vehicles.

2) VEHICLE TO INFRASTRUCTURE (V2I) TECHNOLOGY – With the help of this technology, cars can communicate to traffic signals, weather alert data etc., to receive significant data to take prompt decisions.

The main problem of lack of coordination between human drivers can be solved by autonomous vehicles thereby arriving at a solution for traffic congestion. Have a look at this video to get a clear outlook.

While this solution can address the problem of non coordination between drivers but the problem of overcrowding (inability of roads to accommodate large number of cars) is not yet addressed. I believe this can be solved by creating awareness to people to use mass transit system whenever they happen to travel in a lonely basis.



A “BIG” idea coming from a ‘small’ country

Well, this seems unusual right – A developing country setting standards for the entire world. Curious to know what country it is ? May be I can provide you with a clue. A country that covers 0.03% of the planet area by land, accommodates nearly 5 million people and is located in the Central America. Yes, you got my point. It is none other than the Costa Rica, that is making a transformational change in the field of clean energy implementation.


Risking yourself out of your comfort zone may or may not lead to success. But the brave decision that you took might have led you in a path full of struggles where learning takes place in a different perspective than usual. That’s what brave people intend to do. Same is the case of Costa Rica, when it made a brave decision in 1949 to abolish its army base followed by the end of civil war, without fearing about further invasions. This firm decision in 1940’s gave the government, a choice to spend a larger proportion of their budget in education and health care sectors, thereby guaranteeing free access to the same for the public. In 1950’s, government started investing on renewable energy sources such as hydro power. From thereon, it made a steady progress in implementing clean energy.

Well, this is the point that needs to be reinstated. When other developed countries as well as the developing countries are engaged with projects that intend to develop high-end technologies without forecasting their effects on ecology, this small country is adamant in maintaining a perfect balance between technology development and environmental protection. Nearly, 100% of electricity in Costa Rica is generated from renewable sources like wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydro-power. (Read more) It is evident that a huge planned effort with innovative minds had worked on this idea to make it a success.


However apart from electricity, 70% of energy consumption is from fossil fuels used for transportation. Well, Costa Rica also has a plan for it. It is no wonder to be awestruck when someone gives an open statement to be free of fossil fuel usage by 2021, when the entire world itself is struggling to decarburise by getting rid of fossil fuels. (Read more)

So, the most complex issue of climate change at least now has a possibility to recover, with the introduction of electric mobility powered by green technology. Many countries should set Costa Rica as an inspirational role model to enter completely into the world of clean energy.


The deceiving “ONE IDIOT” is not what you think.

Many people would have come across the short film ONE IDIOT. Well, then this article is not for them.

For all the people who are strangers to this wonderful short film, they deserve to benefit from it a lot. One may wonder what might be the context of this film having such a weird name to it. Contrary to the perspective of the common man as of to portray a man as an idiot based on his external appearance and less knowabouts regarding him, the word IDIOT is used in this film to distinguish him from others due to his intelligent planning. The main problem with the common people these days is their craze to enjoy the luxuries without considering the consequences that evolve from it. Yes, what you infer is right.

How can a common man afford to enjoy the benefits of luxuries?  

Well then he may fall into the trap of debt filled life from which the process of recovering is a lot more difficult.

So, why should we allow the unpredictability of the future ruin our happier lives? The reader’s mind will keep on thinking what might had been the solution for this.


He demonstrates his successful handling of life using Systematic Planned Investment strategies that not only allows him to fulfill his dream but also act as a secure capital. So, it is not about what others think you are, but it is what you believe in yourself  that you ultimately become. A must watch film that instigates the necessity of financial planning.


Watch the short film here.

So, now I have created awareness about the substantial investments that needs to be done to cumulate your earnings rather than just earning and put into a Fixed Deposit account.


I would also like to share a video that explains what you will experience in your future if you do not adhere or consider the rules of investment prudently despite earning a huge amount at the moment.

Watch the talk here.

It is dreadful to dream of a future with insufficient bank balance that leads to dependence on wards. This, at once however it may go fruitfully, but as the path progresses, the relationship bond tends to weaken (based on the surveys). Why should we take risks, when we can overcome it by making a planned investment. This longterm forecast about the well-being of future filters the hurdles to be faced in one’s life regarding financial matters.

The era where people enter full fledged into a world of ubiquitous privacy intruders

There is a paradigm shift from the phrase “Humans rule the world” or “Aliens may rule the world” (imaginary forecast) to the practically applicable “Gadgets rule the world”. Ofcourse, technology had brought us way forward in terms of development in all sectors. All basic technology that is accessible to people is put into a gadget called smartphone in simple words. It acts as a proof as of how fast and far, we are going ahead of yesterday. Well, it had been years since we experienced the benefits of using smart phones. So, why do I pull out this issue right now rather at any period before? It is simple. The word SMART not only suits for mobiles, rather nowadays it applies for any gadgets that connects to internet. I think you may have guessed it right. Yes, it is nothing other than the voice bots or personal assistant devices that I am trying to point out.

The voice bots may not warn you regarding the conveyance of your personal conversations to their manufacturers who ultimately may sell it to the data analytics firm. Do you think this will end with that ? Never. So, then the data analytics firm may sell their processed and segregated data to the respective advertisement agencies who targets specific customers, creating a feeling of intrusion into their proximate space.

This is one of the major drawbacks of any recent developments regarding smart devices. The purpose of its evolution may be overshadowed by the drawbacks it possess. Here, though the purpose of smart devices is to aid humans with simple tasks such as reminder, making reservations, switching on and off electric appliances etc.., by connecting with other devices, it is not capable of differentiating between conversations and commands thereby maintaining a perfect record of what we utter inside our house where we expect our privacy.

What is the solution then??

The company should reform their policies as of not to intrude our privacy for the single reason of market research.